I was apart of WOESS or Women of Excellence Supporting STEM for three out of my four years at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The mission of WOESS is to unify, empower and promote excellence amongst women of all STEM disciplines. As someone outside of the STEM field, I saw this as an opportunity to collaborate and use my skills on a team, building both my communication and design skills as I listened to the needs of the club. 
I was a graphic designer for two years, and artistic director my senior year. 
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As graphic designer, I created flyers, and announcement posts for our Instagram. Below are some examples of the creations posted to our socials by the social media manager at the time. 
I also designed merchandise for one of our required fundraisers for the year. I designed both a t-shirt with a front and back design, as well as four different sticker designs. Below are photos used to promote the merchandise. 
As artistic director I ran our socials, including our Instagram for greater outreach.  I created the icon covers for our highlight reels for a clean and cohesive look for our profile. Meme Monday was also implemented as a fun way to further engage our community. Our graphic designer, Penelope Russell would post a STEM meme to our story along with any announcements or upcoming events. 
I also worked with our graphic designer, to help to create a series of posts for our Instagram announcing the new e-board for the club for 2023.  
I oversaw the creation of the social posts, making sure they followed the club's branding, and basic post structures and requirements. 

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